The Mansion

The Kinkora Pythian Mansion was built in 1902 by Robert C. Neal. The Neal Family moved to Penn Township from France and established a beautiful estate that was a show place for many years. Much social activity centered around the Neal Mansion.The estate was rather self-sustaining. The home had turbines to supply power and a bell system for servants and gardners.

A beautiful lake existed to the right of the home which was created by the dam. The dam provided the energy for an iron foundry which operated there in the later part of the nineteenth century.

On the property at Kinkora in the southeastern corner is situated a very old cemetery. Headstones are still very evident and are a part of the area’s history.

The Kinkora Pythian Mansion was opened for business in 1926 and is located at Allen’s Cove. This Cove was frequently called Cove Allen which is located off routes 11 and 15.


PA Pythians


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